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TERABOTO is not only wine, TERABOTO is also a path, a path of our ancestors. It is the development of their relationship. It is a path that continues every year. A little knowledge, a lot of effort, even more perplexity, so that we can take up where we left off last year. It does not have to be more aromatic, intense, fresh, flowery. It is important that it is different, that it has something to say, that is is special, so that it can find its way in the ocean of manufacturers and consumers. Teraboto wines and oil are members of Wine Road and Olive Oil Road in southern Istria. Goal: to touch the boundaries of Malvasia. Vision: top quality Teran. TERABOTO is the road from the traditional Istrian wine to the best elixir this red soil can give. TERABOTO vineyards surround Vodnjan. They are spread on a land which is situated at an elevation of 135 meters. Every year, the love that people of this region feel for vine turns into the streams of shed sweat, the sea of emotion.

Teraboto Malvazija Istarska - quality dry wine of controlled geographical origin – pale yellow colour. Floral fragrance of medium intensity with "sauvignon feel", the elderflower stands out… Teraboto Merlot - quality dry wine of controlled geographical origin – deep red in colour, the intensive dark red with red reflections. Pronouncedly nice fragrance, with the aroma of forest fruits: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, black currant. Strong body, fruity flavour, nicely balanced acidity, strong potentials… Teraboto Teran - quality dry wine of controlled geographical origin – the intensive ruby red colour with the slightly purple reflexions. Pleasant fragrance: grass and tobacco. Strong and full body. Teraboto Muskat - semi-sweet quality dry wine of controlled geographical origin – pale yellow colour. Floral fragrance, tipically muscat. Accenuated elderflower and rose petal fragrance. Retronasal aroma is also accentuated…



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