Vodnjan is a paradise for EVOO lovers

​​​​​​​Wouldn’t it be great to hear a story about the Mediterranean secret to a long life?

​​​​​​​Vodnjan is well-known as the centre of EVOO in Istria. EVOO is an acronym for extra virgin olive oil that is considered to be the purest form of olive oil there is. Our producers display this label with pride because the process and requirements to get an EVOO label are strict. Our EVOO is produced with care and attention to bring you a very high-quality product.

​​​​​​​Through the years, our producers have managed to create delicious blends of EVOO to use on every occasion and to spice up every meal, whether it is a salad, meat, fish, pasta, ice cream, or a chocolate dessert.

​​​​​​​Our producers will warmly welcome you and gladly share their love and knowledge with you. It does not matter if you wish to just boost your dishes to a whole other level or simply want to surprise your loved ones with a delicious gourmet gift.

​​​​​​​Stick with the quality and enjoy the benefits in flavour, taste, and nutritional value of our EVOO whether you use it for cooking and baking or to simply nourish your skin.

​​​​​​​Spoil yourself and discover your own personal favourite EVOO in Vodnjan!

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