Trgovačka (Commercial) street

A walk through the old part of Vodnjan and its main square Narodni trg, leads through Trgovačka (Commercial) Street. The street has about 200 house numbers and is longer than one kilometer which makes it the longest street in Istria. It mostly developed with the growth of Vodnjan in the 17th and 18th centuries, mainly in need of new shops, crafts, warehouse etc. which explains its name Trgovačka (Commercial) Street. Wide at the beginning, it becomes narrower as approaching the main square.

This street once had an array of stores and crafts shops. According to some data, besides tailors, bag makers, blacksmiths, coopers and other craftsmen, Vodnjan had as many as 110 shoemakers in 1926. Even nowadays, Trgovačka Street has maintained the specific atmosphere of a bygone era. In his multiple award-winning documentary film ˝La strada˝, Damir Čačić tried to evoke the atmosphere of the street.

​​​​​​​More than one thousand meters long, the main street of Vodnjan has for centuries been a showcase of Vodnjan’s crafts and shops, a stage for processions and carnivals (the wedding procession used to pass the street at midnight, carrying the bride to the groom's house; this wedding tradition inspired Antonio Smareglia and is shown in his opera ˝Nozze istriane” (Istrian Wedding).