329 Stare bazilike

​​​​​​​Short trail description:

329 Stare bazilike is a circular trail that takes you from Vodnjan to its surroundings through the settlements of Boduleri, Stancija Falaš, Majmajola and Kacana. Not far from the trail there are archaeological sites and preserved remains of churches and basilicas after which the trail was named.

​​​​​​​Technical description:

- difficulty: easy
- lenght: 23,06 km
- altitude: 190
- asphalt: 9,5 km
- macadam: 13,56 km
- duration: 1:00 – 1:30 h

Trail description - turn by turn:
Turn right onto the main road leading to the restaurant „Buffalo“. Turn right on the main road that goes towards Pazin. Turn right onto the main road leading towards Barban. Continue straight ahead. Turn left onto the macadam road and then turn right again. Continue straight ahead. Continue straight. Turn left onto the asphalt road. On the main road turn left towards Vodnjan. Continue straight ahead. Turn left next to the restaurant „Buffalo“. Turn left towards the place where we started.
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