The Seuso treasure

News about the Seuso Treasure was first heard at the beginning of the 1990s when the objects appeared at Sotheby's auction house, named after the dedication to Seuso inscribed on the back of a platter. This collection of 14 objects represents a masterpiece of Roman craftsmanship comprising plates, platters, bowls and other objects.

This silver collection weights 30 kilos. Some platters weigh more than 8 kilos which is quite unusual even for luxurious Roman standards. The value of this treasure is estimated to be worth more than 40 million British Pounds.

​​​​​​​The treasure is believed to have been found in the area of Barbariga, from where it was later looted. Many uncertainties and speculations accompany the treasure and it is in the interest of experts to clarify and prove the origin of one of the major finds of Roman silvers mithing in the world.