The Peroj cemetery

Behind the Church of St. Spyridon lies an interesting Orthodox cemetery. Although without any written rules, the graves are conveyed onto the descendants by customary law.

The Peroj cemetery is dominated by the family tomb of the Pula dignitary Petar Matijašević, built in 1896, in which the last burial was done in 1916. They chose this burial site probably when looking for a cemetery by an Orthodox church. The son of imperial lieutenant-colonel Vasilije Sekulić was also buried here in 1872. 

Several graves have epitaphs and crosses on opposite sides – on the west instead of the east, i.e. above the heads instead of above the feet of the deceased. As a proper way of burial, this practice was introduced by Mihajlo Popović, however it was not long in force.

​​​​​​​Besides many locals, here lie several local priests (three generations of the Maričević's). Petar Demir, well known artist, bohemian and the most devoted painter of the Arena in Pula, was also buried here.