Municipal square

The Municipal Square, present-day Narodni trg, was formed in 1808 after the castle that stood at this site, had been pulled down. This is when a large square was created, surrounded by palaces that adorn it even nowadays. In 1910 the Municipal Palace was built in the Neo-Gothic - Venetian style.

The square was formed owing to the Vodnjan family Dalla Zonca who donated the money required for its improvement. The stone slabs from the castle were used for paving the surrounding town streets.

​​​​​​​The square abounds in magnificent buildings, one of them being the renovated Town Palace, Bembo House, Bradamante Palace, Davanzo House, Benussi House and the town library. This is also the main meeting point of the townspeople, as well as the venue of many events, concerts and festivals.