Early medieval settlement of Guran

Archeological research of the early medieval settlement of Guran started in 2002. The research allowed for the discovery and detailed research of the area that includes the settlement, one Roman villa with the later church, one early medieval basilica, one cemetery church, as well as the whole network of roads that were functional during the Middle Ages.

The old Guran is located about 2.5 km northeast of Vodnjan. Historical documents mention it for the first time in the year of 1150, as one of the seven medieval settlements in the Vodnjan area. Its remnants were discovered at about 60 m southwest of the three-aisled basilica that was completely studied beforehand.

It is assumed that the settlement’s outline was oval. To date, Guran is the first early medieval settlement of this type in Croatia that was systematically researched. Until now, the researchers have discovered around ten buildings, walls, a monumental town gate, a guardhouse, some antique sculptures, some processed sculpture blocks, and some ceramics.

The settlement was founded in the 9th century, and it has changed over its existence. It was "alive" until the abandonment at the end of the middle ages, in the 15th century.